I have just had an accident. What should I do at the scene?

If you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident, it is important that you follow the below guidelines;

(i)     Avoid moving the vehicles from the scene of the incident if possible.

(ii)    Telephone the Gardaí to attend at the scene of the accident.

(iii)   Take a photograph of the accident scene including the damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle involved.

(iv)    You may be shocked and upset following the accident and you may be the subject of intimidation from the other party. However it is important that you do not admit liability at the location of the accident.

(v)     Obtain the following information:

a) Name and address of the other driver.
b) Details of the vehicle including make, model, registration number etc.
c) Details of the Insurance Company and policy number of the other driver/drivers;
d) Name of the Garda who attended the scene of the accident;
e) Details of any witnesses who witnessed the accident;

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