Repetitive Strain Injury

What is a repetitive strain injury?

Also known as an upper limb injury, a repetitive strain injury is made up of pain or uncomfort suffered in relation to a muscle, tendon, nerve or other soft tissues that has been caused by the single repetitive use of part of your body.

This pain or uncomfort may start as being minor in nature but may get progressively more painful through time. The pain can arise from repetitions, strong pressure against your muscles, vibrations or even awkward movements.

How to take a claim

It will be necessary for you to meet with a personal injury solicitor who can aid you in your claim. They will advise you that you will need to be able to show fault on behalf of either and employer or another party who you are taking the claim against.

Unlike other personal injury claims, you will need to be able to show that your employer or the defendant should have reasonably forseen that an injury would occur as a result of the work or practice that lead to the injury. A successful claimant will show that the injury could have been avoided if the employer or defendant had taken reasonable steps to ensure it would not happen.

A successful claimant will also show that the injury was a result from the employer not putting in place reasonable steps for the repetitive action causing harm.

The advice from Mulroy Personal Injury Solicitors is simple – Never settle a personal injury claim without obtaining legal advice.

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