The use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in accident claims

Can CCTV evidence help with my personal injury claim?

The use of CCTV cameras is increasing in society and this is mainly to do with the fact that they act as a deterrent to crime. This can be a cause of concern for some who see this increase use of CCTV cameras as intrusive and eroding privacy. There has in particular been an increase in the use of CCTV cameras in particular in urban areas.

The CCTV camera, although captures crimes being committed or in the moments leading up or after such an event, can and does capture everything and anything in between. Whatever a person’s own view on the use of CCTV cameras, the fact remains that there can also be advantages to them too when it comes to establishing the circumstances of a particular accident.

They are often found around business premises to record activity by the roadside or car park. It may be the case that there was a CCTV camera was in the vicinity of the accident and may have captured what actually happened in the lead up to and including the said accident.

Further, if the accident occurred near a junction, there maybe traffic control cameras in place which will do the same as above.

How to view the CCTV footage?

It is important that the request is made promptly to ensure that the records is not erased or recorded over. CCTV footage may also be used to establish the length of time that a hazard existed which can be invaluable when establishing that the shopping centre has been negligent for failing to organise repairs in a reasonable timeframe.

Should you wish to view any footage from a CCTV camera, you may have to first track down the company which may operate the security camera if it is a camera on a premises, and the Gardai if is a traffic control camera. You will need to submit a written request, stating the exact location, date and time that the accident occurred. If you want a copy of the footage you may have to pay a fee to obtain same after you track down who indeed operates the CCTV cameras.

Is there an obligation for them to maintain CCTV footage?

However, there is no obligation for the other party to maintain CCTV footage, even after the injured party asks for same to be held for viewing.

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