What is involved in the administration of an Estate?

The passing away of a family member can be most upsetting and it is important that proper legal advice be obtained in administering the affairs of the deceased. If the deceased leaves a valid Will, it will be necessary to make an application for a Grant of Probate.

When the person passes away without a valid Will, it may be necessary to make an application for a Grant of Administration.

When administering the estate of a deceased person, your solicitor will carry out a number of important tasks such as the following:

a) Arrangement with the deceased person’s Bank for the prompt payment of funeral expenses

b) Advising the executors/administrators as to their duties during the course of the administration including the maintenance and upkeep of property of the deceased.

c) Correspondence with lending institutions, obtaining valuations of the deceased’s property and the completion of papers for submission to the Revenue Commissioners.

d) After the issue of Revenue clearance, the preparation of probate papers and application to the Probate Office for a Grant of Probate in the estate of the deceased person if s/he left a valid will.    If the deceased has not left a Will, a Grant of Administration will be applied for;

e) Dealing with any claims against the Estate pursuant to the Succession Act or any other contentious matters that may arise.

f) The making of tax returns to the Revenue Commissioners including Inheritance Tax Returns.

g) Preparation of estate accounts including assets and liabilities statement, cash account and distribution account.


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