What is the cost of administering an Estate?

The overall cost of administering an Estate can vary depending on the complexity of the estate and the nature of the will. If there are shares, property held abroad, taxation issues, trusts, a poorly drafted will or a dispute regarding the validity of the will these will all add to the costs of administration.

It can be difficult to give more than a rough estimate of their fees before commencing the administration and any estimate will be subject to revision. However we will issue Solicitors revised estimates as the administration of the Estate progresses.

Our average Solicitor fee for administering an Estate is in the region of 2% fee of the gross Estate.

VAT at 23% is also payable on our fees.

In addition to solicitor’s fees, there will be stamp duty payable to the Courts Service depending on the value of the Estate, Commissioner for Oath fees, Town Agents fees, Property Registration Authority fees if real property is involved and other outlays that must be incurred.

If the property is being sold they will also be conveyancing fees payable. You can read about our fixed price conveyancing fees here.

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