Costs and Outlays in remortgaging your house

The total fees, costs and outlays in remortgaging of your house are as follows:

Solicitor’s Fees for remortgage

Our professional for the remortgage of a house is €980.00 (plus VAT).

In addition to our professional fee the following costs and outlays  may also be payable when you are remortgaging:

Fees to obtain the documents

If your title documents are with a lending institution a fee will frequently by payable to the lending institution to obtain these documents.  This fee can vary from €35 – €75.

Commissioner for Oaths fees

On the remortgage of a property, various documents will have to be sworn by the you such as the Family Home Declaration.  The approximate cost of these will be €20.00.

Property Registration Authority fees

The Land Registry fee for registering the new mortgage is €175.00.

Bank fees to vacate a mortgage

Your lending institution frequently require a fee to be paid before they discharge your mortgage. This fee can vary from €35 – €75.00.

Property Registration Authority vacate fees

While it is no longer usual, this fee may be payable in certain circumstances and this fee is €40.00.

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