Wills and Probate

Mulroy and Company Solicitors in Galway City have extensive experience on all issues related to the making of Wills, applications for Grants of Probate, Grants of Administration, Inheritance Tax and the transfer of assets on death.

We will provide you with expert advice on all areas of Probate Law and assist the Personal Representatives so as to ensure that the Estate of the Deceased is administered in a timely and efficient manner.

We have been involved in the administering of very large and complex Estates some valued at many millions of euros.

We have worked with financial institutions and law firms in many jurisdictions where Irish residents die leaving assets abroad. For many people dealing with financial institutions and navigating probate law in other countries can be an impossible task. Even where foreign institutions will accept a legalised Irish Grant of Probate, dealing with these institutions can be extremely difficult. This process is often far from straightforward and Mulroy and Company Solicitors has developed working relationships with law firms in many jurisdictions. These include for instance the obtaining of Grants of Probate in recent years in the UK, Singapore and India.

We have also worked with foreign beneficiaries and foreign based law firms dealing with assets situate in Ireland where for instance a person dies domiciled outside the Republic of Ireland, but leaving property here.

Principal of Mulroy and Company Solicitors, Martin Mulroy became an Associate of the Institute of the Taxation in Ireland in 1995 and we can help you draft your Will and structure your assets to make them as tax-efficient as possible when you pass away. It may be possible to reduce or even eliminate the tax liability that your beneficiaries may be liable for when you pass away.

We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to telephone us at 00353 91 586760 or email us to discuss the making of Wills, applications for probate and the transfer of assets on death.

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