Accidents at Work






Accidents at work are still a relatively common occurrence despite much improvement in recent years.

If you had an accident you must:

  • Report the accident to your employer
  • Take detailed notes of the accident
  • Obtain medical attention 
  • Consult a personal injury solicitor 

The employer has a duty to ensure the employees’ safety, health and welfare at work as far as is reasonably practicable. In order to prevent workplace injuries and ill health an employer is required, among other things, to:

  • Provide and maintain a safe workplace which uses safe plant and equipment
  • Prevent risks from use of any article or substance and from exposure to physical agents, noise and vibration
  • Prevent any improper conduct or behaviour likely to put the safety, health and welfare of employees at risk
  • Provide instruction and training to employees on health and safety
  • Provide protective clothing and equipment to employees

If you are injured while at work, your employer may be responsible for compensating you for any personal injury and loss suffered by you as a result of the accident. Most employers will have insurance to cover such accidents at work and often it will be their insurance company and their solicitors rather than the employer that you are dealing with.

Many employees are reluctant to bring compensation claims against their employers for fear of losing their jobs, damaging workplace relationships, intimation or discrimination.

People who have had accidents at work may be entitled to personal  injury compensation. As with other accidents this will include compensation for the injury suffered, loss of income past and future, medical expenses, travel expenses and other financial expenses suffered as a result of the accident.

You may not be entitled to compensation if your injury was caused by some fault of your own or,  after investigating the incident you may be held to be contributory negligent. It is important therefore to consider the matter fully and your personal injury solicitor will help you in this matter.

Mulroy and Company Personal Injury Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims and we are in a position to advise you if amount offered is fair for the loss and injury suffered.

Often, after an accident occurs, the injured party is discouraged from seeking the assistance of a lawyer or is put under pressure from an insurance company to accept a settlement. However, it is vital that before accepting any settlement from an insurance company that you obtain advice from a personal injury law firm. The insurance company is most likely making an offer to settle the case now as it fears it may have to make a higher offer in the future.

It is vital to remember that insurance companies employ a wide range of experts from claims managers, motor vehicle assessors, actuaries and medical advisors to represent them.

Our advice is simple – Never settle a claim without obtaining legal advice.

The following may be of assistance to you if you have suffered an injury or loss.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.