Selling Your House

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If you are considering buying or selling your house we have a fixed price fee for conveyancing transactions. You can read more here.

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Steps Involved in Selling Your House

(i) Contact your Solicitor

Once you decide to sell your house, it is important, that you employ a Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as possible, to enable your Solicitor to obtain the deeds of your house from the bank with which you hold a mortgage (if applicable).  In order to do this, you will have to sign a document called a Form of Authority to authorise your solicitor to obtain your documents.

(ii) Preparation of Contracts by your Solicitor

On obtain of your title documents your Solicitor will prepare Contracts for the sale of your house. You will also need to obtain a BER Certificate as it is a legal requirement to have one before you advertise the property for sale.

(iii) Advice Note

On the payment of a booking deposit by the proposed buyer to your auctioneer, your auctioneer will prepare an Advice Notice and send it to your solicitor. This advice note will give your solicitor details about the proposed buyer and enable him/her to issue Contracts to the buyer’s solicitor.

(iv) Exchange of Contracts

Once the proposed Purchaser has signed the Contracts and paid the full deposit, they will be forwarded to your solicitor who will arrange an appointment for you to sign the contracts together with any other ancillary documentation if you still wish to proceed with the sale. Both parties will now become bound to complete the transaction.

(v) Dealing with title queries

At this stage of the transaction your solicitor will correspond with the buyers solicitors in respect of all aspects of the property being sold.  This will involve examining the title to the property, planning matters, management company matters etc. You may be asked to clarify questions relating to the maintenance and management of the property at this stage.

(vii) Obtaining redemption figures

If your house is subject to a mortgage, your solicitor will need to contact your lending institution to obtain up to date redemption figures so there is no delay in discharging the existing loan when the sale completes.

(viii) Completion of the sale of your house

The buyer’s solicitor will arrange an appointment with your solicitor with a view to the closing of the sale of your property. Once this is completed, your solicitor will arrange to discharge your existing loan and furnish the balance sale proceeds to you.

(ix) Statement of Account

On completion, your Solicitor will prepare a Statement of Account with a breakdown of all monies received and paid on your behalf, together with a bill of costs and outlays.

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